Sunday, April 12, 2015

Simply Stacked Boxes Quilt Top Finished

This top went together so easily and much faster than I imagined. It's all about the fabric and I love this stuff.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Simply Style Stacked Squares

Finally I got into my teal turquoise stash after deciding to make the Simply Style Stacked Squares quilt by Moda. Here are the directions to making this quilt. Click here.

I am making my quilt bigger so will be adding about 7 more squares. Also I didn't have a layer cake or jelly roll so I cut all my pieces. I kept the strips for outer borders in one pile and inner borders in another pile.

Then I sewed all the inner borders first onto the squares doing 3 and 4 squares at a time to keep track of the fabric.

The hardest part is getting them laid out to look like they are stacked. Still working on this on the spare bedroom floor.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Henry Glass's "Whoooo Me?"

So fun and easy putting together this owl panel from Henry Glass's line of fabric called "Whoooo Me?" I love the colors and can't wait to start quilting it. I did change the inner border to a brown that I had in my stash instead of what the pattern suggested. Thought it needed more framing in before the outer border. The pattern is a free download from the Henry Glass website. This one is for my grandson due in July.

Whoo Me?

Alaska Quilt

My husband had requested a quilt based on Alaska where he spent his childhood. I have previously shared pics of some of the blocks here and a couple of days ago I finally put the borders on and now have another quilt to get quilted. The story of my life. The backing will be the same as the outer border in flannel.