Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fun with Avante Handi-quilter

Purchasing the Avante by Handi-quilter has turned out to be the best decision for me. The support from the company is awesome and my representation is so helpful. The machine sews perfectly for me and I am finishing so many quilts. My skills improve with each quilt. Here are my most recent finishes.

Baby quilt for great niece due in September. I used the strip tube ruler and jelly roll with white sashing between the 4 blocks. Another quilt just like this one is waiting for quilting.

Practicing large teardrop shape and echoing quilting.

Getting even, overall quilting is no easy task but the avante is helping to make it easier.

Here is a quilt going to my mother. It is a Jacob's ladder block done in reproduction 30's fabrics. Love pink and green together and the summer-spring feel to this quilt. I tried a flower motif with lots of echoing to achieve consistency of quilting.

Close up of quilting.
More teardrop an echoing for another great niece due in July.

An owl quilt for grandson due next month. Working on an easy raindrop shape edge to edge.

I was really pleased with the overall design of quilting.

Here is a pic of the back.

Here is more of the teardrop shape with some echoing. Trying to get even all over quilting.