Easy Bag Tutorial

Easy Bag Tutorial
The bag pictured has 3 pockets...one large and two smaller. Extra giant-size ricrac was used as a handle to make this even easier and faster to make. This bag also was not made with binding saving time. The tutorial includes directions for binding and a handle if you choose to include.
This was made with 2, 22-inch fabric squares but can be made in other sizes. If you make smaller sizes go to a thinner fusible fleece or interfacing so the layers do get so thick it will not fit under the presser foot. I did that trying to use Soft and Stable. Absolutely love that product for bags but it just doesn't work for this one.
Step One
Cut 2 squares of fabric 22 inches....one for outside of bag and one for the lining.
Cut 1 square of fusible fleece 22 inches.
If making a handle, cut 30 inch strip 4 inches wide of fabric and fusible fleece.
Step Two 
Iron fusible fleece to wrong side of lining fabric.
Layer wrong side of lining fabric and wrong side of outside of bag fabric together and pin. The fusible fleece will be on the outside.
Tip: When ironing fusible fleece to lining lay the "sticky" side of fusible up on ironing board and lay the wrong side of lining fabric on top. Iron keeping iron off the fusible fleece.
 Pin the layers together. Yes, the fleece is under the lining.

Step Three
Sew 1/4 inch from outside edge all around leaving about a 4 inch opening to turn to right side.
Tip: I like leaving an opening just big enough to fit my hand in making the turning easy.
If you are ambitious and want binding (it does look extra nice) then you layer your squares with batting, quilt and bind.
Step Four
Turn square to right side poking the corners nice and square. End of a pencil works well or anything narrow and rounded so no hole is poked through the fabric.Sew the opening closed. I did mine with the quilting.
 Quilt your square free motion, cross hatch or not at all.
Step Five
With lining face up measure 1 inch from left bottom corner and mark with pin and measure 1 inch opposite right top corner and mark with pin. The marks will be an offset diagonal.
The ruler is showing the offset diagonal and where it crosses both edges is where the pin is marking the 1 inch from the opposite corners.

It is on this diagonal that you will be folding the other 2 corners up to.

Step Six
Fold opposite corners to the center diagonal and pin. The sides hang off the edges...that is the way it is suppose to be.
The center edges on the diagonal should touch. Pin.
Now add the handles at both edges (corners) where the fabric is hanging off the edge.
If you are making your handles you need to do that now.
1. iron fusible fleece to handle fabric
2. fold each side to center and sew. This is not an accurate pic but it gives the general idea.
3. After both sides are sewn, fold the handle in half again and sew close to edge. I like to do both edges and sometimes add another row of stitching. This picture is correct.
Step Seven
Pin one end of handle on one marked corner and the other end on the other marked corner. Tuck the ends of the handle between the lining, inside the bag.
Sew down both sides of the diagonal catching the handle ends too so they are secure. Stitch through all layers. This will make the 2 small pockets.
Last Step
Turn bag over so the diagonal is face down. Fold bag in half so sides are even. Stitch up each of the sides. Done. Congrats.



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