Monday, November 14, 2016

Quilts for Grandkids

I love to make quilts for my grandkids and when I saw these 2 panels I had to have them. Raven, Abbi and I saw the Secret Life of Pets while I was visiting in Michigan so I bought 2 panels, one for each of the girls. One-year-old Max's favorite character is Mickey Mouse so, of course, I had to purchase the Mickey Mouse panel. All 3 quilts are backed in nice soft flannel. I simply put borders on and quilted. They arrived to their new owners for Halloween.

Mickey is quilted in edge to edge hearts and has red flannel with white dots for backing.

I did more custom work on the Secret Life of Pets panels with outlining the lettering and using loops and swirls for other parts.

Abbi with her quilt.

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