Tuesday, February 7, 2017

30's Repro UFO Completed

Originally this quilt was going to be a queen size but it has ended up only a lap quilt in my desire to complete UFO's and loss of interest in 30's reproduction fabrics as well as Dresden blocks. This quilt became a problem because the size of the blocks did not work out mathematically.....very frustrating.

Notice how I was not able to line up the 2 inch patches. Just could not make it work. I also had to cut off the bottom of the center block. My flower pot is only half there. Even with that adjustment I couldn't work out the math.

Center with 4 Dresdens without the inner and outer borders.

Trying out border fabrics. I really wanted a nice floral for the outer border but it just wasn't in my stash.

Completed quilt top. Measures 44 by 65.

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