Friday, August 3, 2012

Does Your Backing Match the Front of Your Quilts?

For the first time I am stepping way out my box in choosing the backing for a wedding quilt I am making for a friend of my husbands. Bride and groom are skydivers, the bride with orange hair. Yes, I said orange. I chose a very simple pattern in the new ombre fabrics from Clothworks for the top. I also used the pattern that came from the manufacturer replacing a couple of the fabrics with purple for the bride. Lots of bias edges which made putting the first border on a little tricky. It will quilt out, right??

The ombre fabrics not only look awesome but FEEL wonderful. They would great for applique pieces too.

Because I made the front of the quilt more to the groom's liking I went a little crazy in picking out the backing more to the bride's, bright and in batiks. Never have I chosen a quilt and its backing so different from each other. The quilting will be an all over teardrop swirly pattern so it can be a reversible quilt. Quilt is 62 X71, perfect for the sofa.

I like this quilt and the fabric so much I am going to get more fabric and make my nephew's graduation quilt changing the purple to more blues...lots of blues. Can you believe I have his quilt all set almost like a year ahead of time? That is soooo not me. If my brother happens to be reading this blog...don't tell Davy. I work on Sunday and will get the fabric then....what I do best, buying fabric!!!!


  1. I love the quilt--what a great gift you have created--Marie

  2. This is a beautiful quilt and I love the ombre fabrics! First I had heard of them--think I will definitely be checking them out.