Friday, August 3, 2012

Using Glue in Quilts

On my sewing forum...a yahoo group...the discussion was about using Elmer's clear and white school glue. I have used glue for bias strips for stems in applique but it was a special purchased glue from a quilt shop. What I have learned is that there are many uses of glue and Elmer's school is washable so it is perfect to use on quilts. Many are using glue on bindings before stitching down. Here is a gal who is using glue for lots of things.

My thought is to definitely wash the quilt once completed to get the glue out of the fabric especially for giving away.  For a wall hanging I am not sure if it would matter. I like the idea
of a glue stick so my fingers aren't sticking onto everything and have heard you can get the clear Elmers in stick form as well the white glue. Having the glue get clogged up in the hole is no fun either and I confess to throwing away the whole bottle when it hasn't worked "right". White glue dries clear so I am not sure the advantage to the clear glue. One commenter said the clear didn't stick as well as the white. Let me know if you tried using glue or what you have heard...pros and cons.

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