Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Holiday Table Topper Demo

February 29th each of the workers at the Quilts at the Marshall House Quilt Shop will be doing demonstration of a technique, tool, or pattern. Well, I chose the Terry Atkinson pattern, Happy Holiday Table Topper which can also be made into a tree skirt. It using the 60 degree triangle ruler which means you are working with bias edges ALOT. The designer suggests you use starch often...before cutting and sometimes after cutting. My favorite starch, Best Press by Ellen was completely gone but that didn't stop me from going ahead and making the top. Oh no...not me. Here are the results. This will be my "How Not To Make" sample and you get to see it here first. Check out how wonky it is on the outside edge....way too much fabric. Now that will not quilt out.

I really like this pattern because you can make in 3 different sizes and the medium will fit my coffee table perfectly. I want to make it in spring colors, this time using Best Press starch!!!

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